Under-the-Bed Train Table

by Kid Crave | Last Updated: 10/12/2011

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under bed train table

Playing with good old fashioned trains is a welcomed experience in a kids toy market that’s crowded with things that don’t shut up. Train tables are great, but one that’s custom made offers the perfect efficiency in terms of space. That’s exactly why the Great Little Trading Company’s under-the-bed train table design is so neat.

It has an extra bottom drawer that’s organized into three parts, for spare tracks and carriages. While the Great Little Trading Company does not ship internationally, this might give handy parents an itch for a DIY project or to purchase one ready-made.

Wooden Train Set with Train Table / Trundle

Don’t want to buy a new bed or start a DIY project but still want the awesomeness of an under-the-bed train table?! We’ve may have found the perfect solution.

Under-the-bed Train Table Wooden Set Trundle - BRIO and Thomas & Friends Compatible


This beautifully decorated all-in-one train table is the perfect alternative to making your own! The wheels can lock and unlock for easy moving and quality playtime, just slide it under the bed or tuck it away in the wardrobe.

The 62-piece wooden train set is compatible with Thomas and Friends, BRIO and other wooden toy train makers. Not only can this under-the-bed train table be used for trains, but also other toys – the tracks and pieces are not attached to the board! The flat wooden surface is perfect for showcasing LEGO builds, new projects or their favourite toy collection.

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