The Most Popular Kids Toys Through the Years


Every couple of years a new toy comes out that kids would just die without—which of course means that parents have to risk their necks to get a hold of one. We all remember Cabbage Patch dolls in the 80s, the infamous Tickle Me Elmo in the 90s and the Zhu Zhu Pets craze from a few years back. Here’s the history of toy crazes, featuring some of the most popular kids toys ever made.

Cabbage Patch Kids – $20+
Beanie Babies – $5+
Voltron – $25+
Tamagotchi – $15+
Tickle Me Elmo – $62
Furby – $50+
Pokemon Cards – $9+
Webkinz – $5+
Nintedo Wii – $199
Zhu Zhu Pets – $8+
Sing-A-Ma-Jigs – $10+
Fijit Friends – $53+


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