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There are days when it feels like I can’t fit one more toy in the house. And that’s not including “baby gear.” Turning the dining room table into a playhouse sounds like a fantastic space-saving idea. This playful cloth by Striped Coast on Etsy capitalizes on the fun kids have hiding under the table and turns it into a special hideaway. Just send the Lithuania-based company your table dimensions and they will create a custom fort that’s built for fun.


Where to buy tablecloth playhouse

There are a couple of ways to go about getting a tablecloth playhouse for your kid. One is of course to make it yourself. In fact, this is something we will touch on later in the article. Although DIY your tablecloth playhouse can save money and be a lot of fun for parents who likes to do their own craft, it can a time consuming process as well. If you are a parent who is pressed for time, it is better to buy a tablecloth playhouse.



Best rated tablecloth playhouse on Amazon

buy tablecloth playhouse 2

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Pacific play tent is the closest thing you get to a real tablecloth playhouse. Over 91% of the reviewers on Amazon have gave this at least a 4 star and above ratings. Most said their little girls love their own playhouses, despite the minor flaws presented in this product.

One reason why this is popular is because kids absolutely love to have their own space to call their own. I have watched kids scream with excitement when they see this being assembled in front of their own eyes and rushed to go into it.

Below are some reasons why parents who bought it are singing its praises

  • Kids love it
  • The playhouse is easy to set up
  • The fabric used is high quality so it wouldn’t break easily
  • Portable so it can be moved to the outdoors if you want
  • Eye catching designs that kids love
  • Spacious interior for kids
  • Strong enough to hold even when kids are exiting the playhouse through the windows, rather than the door
  • Long lasting. A parent who bought this in 2008 is still using it in 2014 without any replacement!


Tablecloth playhouse buying guide

To help you make the right purchase decision, here is the a buying guide to help you along.

  • Easy set up: Since one of the purpose of you buying a tablecloth playhouse is to save time, you will want a tablecloth playhouse that is easy to set up so that you don’t end up spending a lot of time setting up for your kids. This particular playhouse takes about 10 minutes.
  • Room to play: Makes sure the playhouse has lots of room for your kids to move in and out freely.
  • Easy to clean up: Easy cleaning of a playhouse is a must.
  • Strong fabric: Look for one that uses nylon as it is strong, light and can last probably longer than even plastic playhouse.


How to make your own tablecloth playhouse

If you want to make your own tablecloth playhouse instead of buying the one recommended above, here are tutorial and online resources that you will find useful.


Tablecloth playhouse tutorial #1

DIY tablecloth playhouse tutorial 1

This tutorial by Kate from is detailed and easy to follow. The materials used can be easily sourced and the end product is both beautiful and practical. If you want to try your hand at making your own tablecloth playhouse, I recommend you to read Kate’s wonderfully written article.

DIY tablecloth playhouse tutorial


Tablecloth playhouse tutorial #2

DIY tablecloth playhouse tutorial 2

The second article comes from The author has given information on what kind of materials she was using to create her version of the playhouse. Although there was no step by step but the article is still useful for those who don’t have any experience doing this.

DIY tablecloth playhouse tutorial


Tablecloth playhouse tutorial #3

This video tutorial has been featured on numerous blogs so I guess it needs to be included here to complete the list of available resource.

DIY tablecloth playhouse tutorial


Tablecloth playhouse tutorial #4

DIY tablecloth playhouse tutorial 4

One of the most detailed post I have seen on how to make tablecloth playhouse. I am not kidding when I say the instructions are super detail with photos to guide you along the way. If you like the outcome as shown above, read the article and prepare to get your hands dirty.

DIY tablecloth playhouse tutorial


Tablecloth playhouse tutorial #5

DIY tablecloth playhouse tutorial 5

This is a beautifully made tablecloth playhouse that comes in bright, attractive colors that kids will definitely fall in love with. The tutorial comes from Jill, the owner of She had a follow up article on this to answer commonly questioned questions raised by this tutorial. It is well worth reading as she goes into more details on her making of the tablecloth playhouse.

DIY tablecloth playhouse tutorial


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