Oscar Diaz Tube Toys


Anyone who has ever opened a toy knows how ridiculous the packaging has become. It becomes a true lesson in patience for both the adult and the child. These Tube Toys, designed b Oscar Diaz and presented at this year’s NY Gift Fair, are a series of vehicles where the packaging is also a part of the product. Not only are the incredibly good looking, but this concept reduces the amount of material discarded after buying it, the extra cost that traditional packaging involves, and the frustration opening involves. All the parts needed to build each vehicle are contained on a standard cardboard tube, which doubles as the packaging. The tubes have slots and holes to place the wheel axes and other components. A single stripe of paper displaying all the information necessaries for the shop (brand, product name/description and barcode) is the only bit that will be discarded after purchase. Genius! I hope to see this come available soon.



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