Kids Toys That Inspire Careers


Not to sound like an old fart, but today’s kids are pretty lucky. Previous generations played almost exclusively with GI Joe’s and Easy Bake Ovens, which when you think about it doesn’t really encourage much diversity in the way of a career. But toys today teach kids about all kinds of exciting careers in science, music, sports and more. Give your young ones a head start on scoping out the job market and pick up one of these kids toys that inspire careers.

Professional Boxer

Get the kids to stop pulling each other’s hair and start sparring square and fair with this FAQ Schwarz Boxing Set. You may save them from years of sitting in the principal’s office arguing about “who started it” by redirecting that energy towards a boxing career.

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Personal Trainer

While a little baby fat can be adorable, teaching the little ones to get off the sofa and take an interest in exercise sets them up to have good habits for the rest of their lives. And who knows? The Fun & Fitness Weight Bench for kids could turn your kid into the next Jillian Michaels or Bob Harper.

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It may have started with a favorite pair of pajamas covered in pterodactyls, but now after watching Jurassic Park about 100 times a day, it seems that your child has a pretty deep fascination with dinosaurs. And while you could really go without seeing Sam Neil squint at another fossil ever again, it’s a great that the kids are interested in science. Keep it up and encourage your kids to get their hands dirty (in fake dirt) and dig up their own T.Rex fossils with this Excavation Station toy.

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Is ninja even a real job? We’re not sure, but we don’t want to disappoint the kids who dream of becoming a ninja master. Besides, there are legit jobs involving martial arts, like karate instructor and fight scene coordinator. For now however your kids can just look forward to growing up and becoming a Ninja Turtle or Power Ranger. And since it’s (apparently) never too young to start down any career path, one etsy artist constructed a plush rattle that looks like nun chucks.

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TSA Employee

Maybe working for the TSA isn’t the most glamorous job, but don’t government jobs offer decent benefits? The Playmobil Security Checkpoint may not inspire your kids to be rock stars or athletes, but when they grow up they’ll get to make those other kids endure the humiliation of air travel—which is a pretty powerful position if you think about it.

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Your kids might think they’re going to grow up and become real sharp shooters one day, but with all the Call of Duty they play they’re far more likely to land a career as a video game tester. Encourage them to turn of the Xbox and get some physical activity in with NERF’s Longstrike Sniper rifle instead.


Marine Biologist

Lots of little girls go through a dolphin phase, filling their rooms with dolphin posters and jewelry. But if you don’t want the height of her obsession to be a dolphin lower back tattoo when she turns 18, then you could try getting her interested in marine biology. Start off with the 4D vision Dolphin Anatomy Model which teaches your kids that there’s more to dolphins than being the cutest fish in the sea… also teach them that dolphins aren’t fish.

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Genetic Engineer

There are a lot of careers that can stem from an interest in DNA, including forensic scientist and genetic counselor. But the Wiz DNA Kit lets kids extract DNA from fruit, making this the perfect toy for future genetic engineers. After playing with this, your son or daughter may be the first to genetically engineer brussel sprouts that taste like jolly ranchers.

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Graphic Designer

Why is Baby’s First Laptop Computer Playset going to inspire a career in graphic design and not say, Office Administration? Because the task bar is at the top so clearly it’s a Mac.

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No, we’re not suggesting that your children become career criminals. A safecracker’s job is to test safes and vaults and make sure they are secure enough to keep criminals (or in this case, little sisters) out.

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Rocket Scientist

If your kids like building rockets, then tell them they better keep those grades up if they want to become a real rocket scientist one day. In the meantime they can practice with this 1,204-peice LEGO Space Shuttle, which stands almost 18 inches tall and has an impressive 10-inch wingspan.

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It may be too late for Dad to get the band back together, but it’s never too early to instill a love of rock ‘n roll in your children. The Wooden Fun Drum Set is the perfect size for a pint-sized musician.

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Writer for CSI

Sure, the kids might think that this Spy Gear Evidence Kit is grooming them for an awesome life as a secret agent, but we think it’s far more likely to prep them to become a TV writer for CSI. Either way, it’s gearing them up for a cool gig.

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MMA Fighter

It’s unlikely that the mothers of mixed martial arts fighters supported their sons getting into ultra violent sports, but clearly there was nothing they could do to stop them. You might as well indulge them with the Throwdown Bed (and pray that they get it out of their system before it becomes a career).

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