Cate & Levi Hand Puppets


A good old fashioned sock puppet should get a crying baby to smile and a grumpy child to laugh. Oh, I’m  in a perfect world kind of mood today. The Hand Puppets by Cate & Levi are absolutely beautiful, but in a silly, playful way. Choose from a dog a walrus a frog, or my personal favorite the cozy pink and brown moose.


  1. […] Cate & Levi’s lovable eco-friendly animal hand puppets has launched a new line called People Puppets. Made from upcycled wool sweaters, they are available in four classic characters (fireman, nurse, pirate and princess). The 12-inch tall hand puppets are sure to inspire a fantastic puppet show. Due to their recycled nature, each item is one of a kind, so designs may not look exactly like the ones pictured on the site. $30 Source Check It Out find on amazon […]


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