Best Bath Boat Toy Reviews

Pirate bath boat toy

Toddlers love bath boat during baths. With so many choices to have, which is the best bath boat toy? This is what our guide is for. It recommends which bath boat toys are best for 2018 in terms of fun, safety and other important criteria. Let’s look at the list below.

Best boat toy for bath in 2018

Best bath boat toy reviews


Without hesitation, the Matchbox Mission: Marine Rescue Shark Ship is one of the best bath boat toys. It is one of those rare toy products that achieves almost 100% positive reviews on Amazon. Frankly speaking, it is not hard to see why. This bath boat toy set is well made and packed with features that kids will love.

Let’s start with the packaging. Everything is well packed despite the fact that there are many different parts. It is easy to remove the parts and the various mini toys.

The main boat toy itself has one main feature: it can run on dry land as well as float on water. Kids can continue from their play time before or after the bath session. They really love this. Many other boat toy for bath lack this feature.

The set also include various mini toys that enhances re-playability. There are 2 mini cars, a helicopter and shark. These can allow the kids to role play different situations both on land and water.

Many of the toys have some form interactivity. For example, the boat itself has a squirt cannon that is a hit with kids. The helicopter can squirt water as well. My favorite is the shark, which can open its jaws when you pressed on its fins. Very cool. Finally, you can even use the crane to catch the shark which even the girls will enjoy playing.

The only downside to this toy is the size. It measures 24″ long x 12″ wide x 10″ high when fully open so you need a sizeable toy storage to store this wonderful toy.

Other than this minor complaint, this is a great bath boat toy set that every parent should consider if you are thinking of buying a boat toy.

Best wind up bath boat toy

Best wind up bath boat toy 2015


Surprisingly, there are fewer options here than I initially predicted. There isn’t much choice when it comes to bath boat toys that can be wound up. Among the models, the Happy Kids Group wind up bath boat toy is the top rated model.

They float well and can squirt water, which all kids love. In terms of the winding, this is where it can be improved. The wind up works but it doesn’t cover much distance. However, I don’t think kids mind that at all. They will just keep on winding the boat toy even though each wind up can only cover a small distance. In fact, the winding up action is what they love to do.

Pirate bath boat toy

Pirate bath boat toy


If your kids want a pirate bath boat toy, then we recommend this PLAYMOBIL Red Serpent Pirate Ship. Its biggest feature was to be able to transform from a merchant ship to a pirate ship. This is something kids will enjoy doing.

The toy floats well in water. In fact, it is one of the rare pirate bath boat toy that can actually floats. Many of the other models from Fisher Price don’t actually float as some of them require suction cups to be able to stay above water. This one does so it can be used in the bathroom.

The pirate has many small parts. Some of them have interactivity. The cannon for example can be used to shot cannon balls. Others accessories included in this set include 3 pirates, sails, barrels, guns etc. These items add to the re-playability for the toy.

The only downside is that you need some time to assemble the pirate ship. This is due to the many small parts that you must put together. My recommendation is to set aside 15 to 30 mins to do this one time set up. Make sure to lay the instruction guide on the table before you start. This makes it so much easier to assemble when you know which parts go where.


The models represented here are what we think are the best bath boat toys for 2018. They are not too expensive but are highly rated. If you want well built toys that are fun for kids in the bathroom, you wouldn’t go wrong with any of these.


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