11 Incredibly Awesome LEGO Creations

The world’s children spend over 5 billion hours a year playing with LEGO bricks, and after taking a look at these Incredibly Awesome LEGO Creations, it’s clear that some of this playtime certainly paid off. Amazing sculptures and unlikely fully-functioning objects are created when imaginative minds, playful hearts and a love of the classic brick blocks, come together for fun toy-as-medium projects.

Puff The Magic Dragon
Puff The Magic Dragon LEGO Creation

…Lives by the sea, in a land called DisneyWorld, for all the kids to see.



LEGO PC Creation - LEGO toy

This fully functioning computer is fashioned out of LEGO, right down to the CPU. Unfortunately, the keyboard is not.



Mario and Luigi LEGO creations art

This 6-foot tall, 110-pound, 40,000-brick Lego Mario, took one week to plan, and 175 hours over 16 days to build. After all that hard work, the piece was auctioned and the proceeds went to charity. Who said video games were mindless?


A Real LEGO House

Real LEGO House built by James May

No matter how fresh your LEGO creations were, they probably can’t compete with James May’s real LEGO House. Over 6 million LEGO pieces were used to create this childhood dream home come true.


Life-Size Replica

Life size LEGO statues

For the bargain price of $60,000, Nathan Sawaya will build a life-sized replica of you or someone you love, out of LEGO. You’re probably better off trying to become really famous and waiting to be featured in a wax museum.


LEGO Kitchen

LEGO Kitchen - Kid Crave

This LEGO Kitchen uses 20,000 bricks to construct a countertop island by Parisian designers Simon Pillard and Philippe Rosetti.


LEGO Cello


cello legoAnother design by world famous LEGO builder, Nathan Sawaya, this cello looks and sounds just like the real thing.



pharoah lego


This King Tut look-alike is one of the largest LEGO creations, at over 16 feet tall and weighing in at a ton.


Grandfather Clock

LEGO clock


Eric Harshbarger’s 7 foot tall grandfather clock keeps accurate time and all gears and such are 100% LEGO elements.



LEGO harpsicord piano


With the exception of the wire strings, this Harpsicord is fashioned entirely out of LEGO. A sample of its beautiful sound can be heard here.


Christmas TreeLEGO Christmas Tree

While LEGO products are usually found underneath the Christmas Tree, this one is made from the beloved bricks. Somebody must have been very, very good this year.



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