Mooshka dolls reviews

Although not as popoular as the 2015 monster high dolls, Mooshka dolls have a fan base on their own. If you are new to this brand, this review will tell you know why girls are loving it and why you should buy one of these toys for yourself or your daughter 🙂

What are Mooshka dolls – So cute it hurts!

Unlike monster high, Mooshka dolls go in more traditional direction in terms of its looks. In other words, they look absolutely adorable, especially so when you held them in your hands. I have seen cases where the parents like the dolls more than their kids!

Each of the dolls have a unique hair, colors, eyes etc to make look different from another, unlike Barbie which is essentially the same person in different outfits.

Besides the cute looks, here are other positive things about the Mooshka dolls

  • Nice packaging: When you buy the Mooshka dolls, the first thing that will catch your eye is their packaging.  It looks gorgeous and is sure to make the receiver happy with the gift. Below is an example of how the packaging looks like. Wonderful isn’t it. I wish all toys could come in such nice boxes.

Mooshka dolls reviews packaging

  • Machine washable: It is always nice to be able to wash the dolls after the kids have been playing with them for a while
  • Removable dresses: This allows for parents who can sew to come up with different dresses to alter the playing experience of the child
  • Very few loose accessories: One thing I hate about too many accessories is that kids can lose them. Worse of all, once they are lost, the kids typically demanded the adults to look for them! Fortunately, the Mooshka dolls don’t have anything loose except for a finger puppet and a hair clip. Even the shoes are sew on so they cannot be lost.
  • Storage: The packaging actually acts as a good storage so it can neatly packed away when the kid has finished playing with it.

Is it safe for kids below 3

The size of the Mooshka dolls are not very big. In fact, it is more on the smaller side. For a 3 year old, they can be cradled in their hands and should have not danger of swallowing any of the dolls’ parts. The only thing you need to watch out for is that some Mooshka dolls have flowers on their head. These can be detached and swallowed by a child so don’t give this to you kid if she still likes to put things in her mouth.

Are Mooshka dolls Russian

Although they look like Russian dolls, they are in fact made by MGA Entertainment and Zapf Creations. The former is an American company while the latter is German. So, I am afraid the dolls are not Russian at all.

Do Mooshka dolls sing?

Yes, some models so sing. These singing Mooshka dolls have a separate branding called Mooshka Sing Around the Rosie Doll.  The doll names are Lera, Niva, Myra and Katia. However, do note that these doll names have a non singing version as well so be careful when you are making the purchase. The best way is to look out for the Sing Around the Rosie Doll brand.

Who sells mooshka dolls

Most of places sell them but I recommend you to buy from Amazon as they can offer free shipping (for Amazon Prime customers) as well as good discounts. As of this date, I can see offers such as a USD29 doll being sold for USD23 or a USD18 doll sold for USD16.

So, if you don’t know where to buy Mooshka dolls, go to Amazon via the link below.


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