Food Costumes for Kids

Food costumes for kids

Princesses, superheroes, and other popular characters always seem to be the number one pick for Halloween costumes. But let’s face it: Kids look way cuter when they are dressed up as little bites of delicious food. Would you rather hand over a treat to the 49th Cinderella of the evening or a baby burrito? No competition. Some of these funny Foodie Costumes for Kids can even be assembled at home with minimal skills. Bon appetit!


Vegetarian Noodle Bowl Costume

Vegetarian Noodle Bowl Costume


This particular costume by The Costume Cafe on Etsy is no longer available, but any parent with a love for veggie pad thai can find a way to put together this dish.


Taco Costume

baby taco costume

Tacos + babies? Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes! Your cute crawler needs to be the main ingredient in this crunchy delight!


Bag of Jelly Beans Costume

Bag of Jelly Beans Costume

Easy and adorable, turning your child into a bag of jelly beans requires little skill. Just grab a garbage bag, multi-coloured balloons,  and wait for them to come home with some actual sweets.


Sno Cone Costume

Sno Cone Costume

It won’t be easy to take baby along with you during trick or treat, but snapping photos of a baby Sno Cone will leave you with plenty of laughs for years to come.


Chocolate Chip Cookie Costume

chocolate chip cookie costume kids

With a few expert sewing skills, your child could dress up as the very best treat of all – chocolate chip cookies and milk!  And how can you resist a milk carton doubles as a bag for candy? (Source)


Cob of Corn Costume

Corn of Cob Costume


The egg cartons as kernels and hair stalks definitely complete this creative corn on the cob costume. It’s so believable, you run the risk of losing the child in even the simplest of corn mazes.


Burrito Costume

kids Burrito Costume

Babies get wrapped up in blankets like little burritos all the time, adding some lettuce, tomato and some guacamole is a simple way to turn a nap time ritual into a Halloween treat.


Grapes Costume

kids grape costume

Kids are always letting out a little whine, so grapes make the perfect costume. Ba dum bum! While we’re not sure how one would keep these balloons from popping, it sure would be fun to watch and see.


Egg & Bacon Costume

Egg & Bacon Costume

Babies are generally morning people. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Therefore, an egg and bacon costume is really the perfect fit for Halloween’s newest participants. (Source)


Peanut Butter and Jelly Costume

Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich Costume

Every single one of our foodie list requires a nod to PB&J. This sweet and nutty sandwich costume is totally worthy of that honour.  Now she just needs a partner dressed up as a glass of milk.


Baby Sushi Costume

Baby Sushi Costume

Baby sushi costumes are nothing new, but this one that has a whole fish wrapped up in the roll is just too adorable.


Cupcake Halloween Costume

Cupcake Halloween Costume

Using a laundry basket and lots of pastel colored fabric, any sweet kid can become everyone’s favorite dessert treat.


Broccoli Costume

Broccoli Costume kids

Inspire kids everywhere to eat more vegetables when they need it most…as they carry home pounds of candy. We love this Broccoli Costume!


Sack of Potatoes Costume

Sack of Potatoes Costume

Often times, not-yet-mobile babies just lie there like a sack of potatoes. Might as well embrace it.



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