Best robot dog toy for kids in 2015

A robot dog toy for kids is the best substitute for an actual pet dog. They might replace the real thing but you will have no problems with pet hair, not to mention other potential health problems.

The latest robot dog toy is packed with smart intelligence that grants it many capabilities and functions that your kid will enjoy. If you want to know how to buy the best robotic dog toy, this guide will be what you need.

Best robot dog toy for the money



One of the most popular toy robot dog is the Zoomer robot dog series. This brand has received plenty of positive reviews on popular shopping sites such as Amazon. Currently, there are a few models within the Zoomer series such as Spot, Candy, Shadow et al. The most well reviewed is the Zoomer Bentley, which is the model we are recommending you to buy.

What we liked

Zoomer Bentley represents a big leap from its precious models. The biggest selling point is its re playability. Your kid can always teach Bentley new commands and actions, which will keep them playing for a long time. In fact, Bentley sometimes feel like a real dog because he is always learning new tricks and actions.

Some of the actions we loved include the following:

  • Following the kid around. This makes them the robot dog toy feels alive. Kids absolutely love this command
  • Shaking the paw: One of the most used actions is asking the robotic dog toy to shake its paws.
  • Farting: Yes, the dog farts! and the kids always have a good laugh when he did that.

Overall, it is just a great toy that kids will enjoy, especially they can’t have the real thing due to health reasons.

Some minor flaws

Despite the overall performance of this lovable robotic dog toy, there are still some things that can be improved on.

  • Battery live: Bentley doesn’t have batteries and need to be charged via usb. This can through your computer or you need to buy a separate usb charging base that doesn’t come with the toy. Each charge lasts about 20 to 30 minutes which I personally think is too short.
  • Voice recognition from kid is weak: Due to improper pronunciation, kids will struggle with certain commands. I think this toy is more suited to kids aged 6 and above. Any younger child might have trouble training the robot dog toy.
  • Barking is slightly noisy: The robot dog toy has a loud bark and I don’t think there is any way to turn the volume down. It can be quite irritating when the toy barks continuously.

Robot dog toy comparison chart

One common question asked by potential purchases is with regards on the difference between the different robot dog toy models, especially when they are from the same company. It is easier to know their difference if we group them into 3 separate groups.

  • The Zoomer Zuppies: These are the cheaper versions of the robotic dog toy. However, they have very limited actions. Most can’t even walk. They can mostly blink their eyes, bark etc al.
  • Zoomer earlier interactive models: These are the initial versions of the full interactive robot dog toy. They have a full range of actions to learn but are priced on the higher side. These earlier versions are also known as Zoomer Spots. They have quite a number of flaws probably due to it being such as new product.
  • Zoomer Shadow and Bentley: These models are the later versions of the Spot model. Their intelligence and built quality have signficantly increased, resulting in a better user experience for the children. Although flaws still exist, they are not as pronounced as the first version.

Given the above, our recommendation is to go for the Zoomer Shadow or Bentley. The Zuppies have too limited actions to be really fun while the Zoomer Spot has a number of teething problems.


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