Best Camcorder For Kids

If you want a gadget that your child can enjoy for hours, look for the best kids camcorder as it can provide hours of fun and exploration. In the past, video recorders or camcorders were something only adults could afford to tinker with. Now, with advances in technology, kids toy companies are producing state of the art kids video recorders that have lots of awersome features. Better still, they are easy to learn and kid proof. If you are thinking of buying one, here are two recommendations for you to consider:

Fisher Price Kids Camcorder

The Fisher Price model is one of the best video recorders for kids on the market today. It is very durable, meaning your child won’t break it within minutes of playing.

There are 2 colors to choose from. The one pictured below is the blue color. There is also a pink version.



Here are the reasons why we recommend this product:

  • Tough as nails: This kids camcorder can survive drops, throws and other potential breaks that your 4 years old can dish out.
  • Can copy the video to your computer: The video recorder uses an SD card so it is easy for you to pop the card out and save the videos on your computer
  • Able to delete: I find the delete function to be useful as kids are sure to film all sorts of nonsense, so the ability to delete can save a lot of space on your SD card / computer.
  • Acceptable video quality: It is not going to be HD quality, but it is acceptable for a kids camcorder. The images are sharp enough for anyone to see what is going on.
  • Good battery life: The battery life is pretty solid as it can lasts for hours of video playtime.

Despite its good points, there are some weakness you should be aware of:

  • Struggles with dark places: The video recorder works well when there is a lot of light but in dark places, you will struggle to see the video.
  • No sound control: Some of the film will have low sound volume.
  • Delete button placement: Some parents might find the delete button is placed too prominently. Kids might press that because it is easy to do so.

Overall though, it is still a great camcorder for kids. The most important thing is that it is tough and wouldn’t break upon any kind of rough play.


VTech Video Recorder for Kids



The Vtech kids camcorder is another strong candidate. It has a 4 in 1 functionality that allows the kids to: (i) take pictures, (ii) record videos, (iii) play games and (iv) create effects for the images. Considering all these functions with the price you are paying, this is a very solid toy.

Like the Fisher Price kids-tough camera, this VTech model can survive drops and other kinds of rough play. In addition, it has a smart design that is tailored for kids. For example, there is the 2 eye window for kids who have not learnt how to wink. The side of the camera is also coated with anti-slip material to provide a more solid grip. All in all, the product is top notch.

In terms of the functions, your kids will probably have lots of fun taking pictures, shooting videos and even playing the games. There is an animation maker app that you can download to animate the pictures that have been taken. In addition, your child can also add effects to the images and 5 sound effects for the videos. This camera pretty much covers a lot of things you want a kids camcorder to do.

For usability, the interface of the video recorder is easy to navigate. It is designed to look like a virtual joystick. Moving it in different directions will lead to the different functions mentioned above. When the kids wants to change the function, simple press the home button and that will take him or her back to the joystick interface.

Flaws wise, it is about the same as the Fisher Price model. There is no flash so the camera will struggle with dark places. The quality of the image is also rather limited but that is to be expected from a kids camera.


If you are looking for the best camcorder for kids, both of the models mentioned above will be good choices.


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