Best Mini Drones For Kids and Adults 2018

7 Best Mini Drones of 2018

Drones are all the rage these days, and they get more and more affordable as the time goes by. Mini and nano drones in special are very popular due to their low price and small size — you can play with them indoors. They’re great for beginners! With so many options, it might be hard to figure out which is the best for you, or even the general quality of those available on the market. So to avoid choice fatigue, and in no particular order, here are the 7 best mini-drones of 2018.

Potensic A20 Nano Drone

Both user and budget friendly, the Potensic A20 Nano Drone is very good for beginners and children. This quadcopter drone has protected blades and recovers well from impact against walls, so it’s an option to play with indoors. The controllable speed also makes it safe for younger children and indoors use. It has excellent stability and flies for a whopping 10 minutes — longer than most. This drone makes an ideal toy for young kids

Hasakee H1 Quadcopter

The Hasakee’s more striking characteristic is its unique design: the bold yellow and black make it look like an oversized bee. While that would make it charming in and of itself, it’s also an excellent choice. This drone comes equipped with a camera, providing live video feed, and can be controlled from your smartphone. You can also attach your smartphone to the controller if you prefer that. It comes with extra rechargeable batteries as well to extend its flight time (which lasts around 8 minutes). In spite of its short flight time, it’s an excellent and affordable choice.

TOZO Q2020 Quadcopter

This one is also quite small, and cheap, but it’s far from fragile. It comes with altitude hold, so it can hover at a given height without you needing to push the throttle. It’s sturdy with rotor guards (although it doesn’t come with replacements), and the controller comes with a LCD screen, which shows you basic flight telemetry. It has a headless function and flies for about 5 minutes. It does not come with a camera, but it’s a good option for those wanting to learn how to fly a drone.

Rabing Mini Quadcopter

This drone is not only small, it’s also very easy to transport. The design makes it foldable, so it’s easy to take everywhere. In spite of its small size, it has a 7 minute flight autonomy, and a range of around 100m, which is far more than most mini drones. It also comes with a HD 3.0MP camera, which allows you to take fairly decent pictures (but it doesn’t have image stabilisation).

Syma X12 Nano RC Quadcopter

This drone is as small as it is potent. In spite of its size, it can do quite impressive barrel rolls. It’s very stable, and has an interference-free transmission so you don’t lose control of your drone. It has low and high-speed settings and control as well, and lasts 6 to 8 minutes in the air — quite a punch for such a small-sized drone.

Holy Stone HS170 Predator

Not only does this drone look great, it’s also a great choice for beginners and those who want to learn to fly a drone. Bigger than a nano, it’s very stable, works well indoors and it’s ready to fly — it can flip and keep its altitude, among other things. It has a 6-gyro axis system and works with 2.4 GHz, being anti-interference. It comes with an extra set of blades and flies for 6-8 minutes.

Zomma F15 RC Quadcopter

Weighing only 19g, this one has all the punch of a much bigger drone in a very small size. It’s an excellent choice for children and adults alike, as it can do flips, rolls and all sorts of 3D rotations while being simple to control. It’s powered by 4 motors with extra propellers and has a one-click acceleration system for ease of use. All in all, a very good choice both as a gift and to entertain oneself.

These drones are great choices for young kids and even adults who want to learn how to fly a drone. They’re also very fun to play with and come at a cheaper price tag than most — useful when you’re just learning and don’t want to ruin your expensive equipment on a crash! Still, even for the well-versed, they’re fun to play with and small enough you can take them places — and there are many options out there as well. Enjoy!