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Presents aside, it’s safe to say that Halloween is the holiday that packs the most fun. Dressing up in costume, candy, scary stuff, AND carving pumpkins? It doesn’t get any better than that. Well now you and your family can add baking and making Halloween inspired food and treats to the list of October awesome. Luckily for you, this adorable, sometimes spooky, and downright delicious list of the Web’s Tastiest: Halloween Food isn’t limited to just desserts.

Witch Finger Pretzels

You can dip pretzels in just about anything sweet to create a best of both worlds treat. To make them Halloween-ready, use green chocolate, a sliced almond for the gross fingernail, and a toothpick to add the knuckles. (Recipe)

Marshmallow & Pretzel Bones

Make no bones about it, when thin pretzel sticks, marshmallows, vanilla candy coating, and wax paper come together, the result is a spooktacular treat. (Recipe)

Halloween Pizza

This Ghost Pizza certainly puts the treat in ‘trick or treat.’ Gooey gobs of mozzarella and spider olives make for one delicious pie that’s a perfect All Hallow’s Eve dinner.(Recipe)

Ghost Poop

Sure this isn’t the prettiest treat on the list, but it definitely wins the award for easiest. You only need simple ingredients like unflavored gelatin and granulated sugar to get kids excited about poop. (Recipe)

Monster Teeth Apple Bites

Halloween is no excuse for forgetting to eat your fruits! This 3-ingredient snack is as healthy as it is eerie. (Recipe)

Mummy Pretzels

Don’t let your Witch Fingers stand alone. A few whimsically placed drizzles of white chocolate on pretzel rods will result in some undead friends for the coven. (Recipe)

Halloween Stuffed Peppers

Here’s another way to add ghouls and goblins to the dinner table. Spaghetti and yummy stuffed peppers make for some pretty believable cracked skulls and oozing brain matter. (Recipe)

Boo Cookies

While this crumbly, boo-tiful treat requires a special word cookie cutter, using any lettered varieties to spell out Halloween-friendly words is a great idea. (Link)

Candy Corn Cookies

Candy corn is awesome, but really what’s in it?! Replicate the look in another form using your best sugar cookie dough, dying it orange and yellow with food coloring, and sandwiching it all together. Then cut out cute little triangles for the full effect. (Recipe)

DEVILed Eggs

Well, DUH! Deviled eggs were practically made for the holiday! These are spiced up with some curry powder and red bell pepper. (Recipe)

Ghost Toast

When your kids get a look at this, they will think a ghost came into the house and hid on some slices of bread…because really, how did they do that?! Reading the recipes will probably clear things up the mystery, but you don’t have to share it with the kids. (Recipe)

Spider Sandwiches

Perfect for parties or a lunch box surprise, these require absolutely no baking skills. Know how to make a sandwich? Done! (Recipe)

Stacked Pumpkin Cookies

Feeling ambitious, Martha? These festive sugar cookies are iced with royal icing, then stacked and adorned with fondant accents. Don’t look at us, we’re not giving it a shot.  (Recipe)

Vegetable Skeleton

Not all Halloween treats need to be sugar-laden — or dark and spooky, for that matter. Here is a super cheery, totally healthy idea that uses gorgeous, all naturally colored (wink) vegetables. (Recipe)

Vampire Cupcakes

Do you vant to eat some cupcakes this Halloween? Topped with marshmallow frosting that’s whiter than Edward Cullen’s complexion, the blood-red cherry drips are what takes the cake. (Recipe)

Mummy Sausage Dogs

Start Halloween off right with a scary breakfast treat. The sausages get “preserved” in crescent rolls, mummy style. Eyes come courtesy of mustard, naturally. (Recipe)

Spider Pumpkin Pancakes

When a spider ends up in your meal by accident, it’s always a frightening situation. When the creepy crawlers make an intentional appearance, the result is the exact opposite. (Recipe)


Turning turkey and cheese on two slices of bread into a certified, true-to-its-name sandWITCH is no easy task. But we’re betting it will be well worth the reward. (Recipe)

Scary Apple Pie

There’s nothing scary about warm apple pie on a crisp fall day. Though if you grab a few teeny, tiny cookie cutter shapes they can become downright spine-tingling! (Recipe)

Ghost Fruit

We declare that no holiday is needed in order to enjoy chocolate covered strawberries. But by using opposite colored chocolate and adding a ghastly face, you’ll get the Halloween-ready, ghost fruit (Recipe)



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