Web’s Tastiest: Dessert on a Stick


We can blame lollipops for the undeniable appeal of enjoying a treat on a stick. Then came corndogs and popsicles, and the rest is history. Now delectable foods of many varieties are popping up on cute wooden sticks. When it comes to little hands and messy eating habits, the help of a stick will make sweet treats a bit easier to enjoy. These 16 recipes beg you to think beyond the hugely popular cake pops, to create the Web’s Tastiest: Dessert on a Stick.

Pop Tarts on a Stick

Filled with the sweet flavor of fresh cherries, wrapped in a flaky pie crust, and drizzled in pink glaze, Bakerella’s Poptart Pops are easy enough for the kids to make…not to mention absolutely adorable. Recipe

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles

Bakerella strikes again! As the queen of cake pops, it’s no wonder she has come up with an amazing way to eat cookie dough, free from guilt. And these pops are irresistibly cute to boot!  Recipe

Strawberry Cream Puff Kebobs

Looking for an incredibly easy way to present dessert on a stick? Betty Crocker has you covered. Using cream puffs from the freezer case are the time-saving secret to this delicious delight. Fresh strawberries make up for any guilt you might have about that. Recipe

Buttermilk Cinnamon Bun Pops

These look so amazing, we almost changed the list title to “breakfast AND dessert on a stick.” Because cinnamon buns count as a hearty breakfast, right? Well, okay, we’ll call it brunch. Recipe

Frozen Yogurt Strawberry Pops

A strawberry curled into a ball of creamy frozen yogurt? Obviously, we’ll take five. This cool, light, and refreshing dessert is the perfect summer treat. Recipe

Peanut Butter & Jelly Pie Sticks

It seems we can’t do a Web’s Tastiest without calling out to the original. PB&J make their way into everything. Even these fun pie pops that have kids party written all over them. Recipe

Cupcake Kebabs

Wafers, marshmallows, cupcake, all in a pretty Neapolitan color scheme? We dare you to pass these up! Recipe

Doughnuts on a Stick

Well it’s about time. Doughnuts on a stick may not be the easiest to make, but the reactions you’ll get when presenting them should be well worth the effort. Recipe

Seriously Chocolately Cake & Fruit Skewers

Anything that can be described as “seriously chocolately” is a winner in our book. Filling pancakes with Nutella, cream, and folding them up spring roll style makes this recipe look just as amazing as it sounds. Recipe

Cookie Brownie Dessert Kebobs

Can’t go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate. Ever. This peanut butter cookie and brownie concoction looks even better when placed on a stick and drizzled with…more chocolate. Recipe

Frozen Key Lime Pie Pops

Not everyone goes gaga for chocolate heavy recipes. This pop is made up of graham crackers, frozen Greek yogurt, honey, and some key lime goodness, for those who do dessert a little differently. Recipe

Brownie Pops

It’s universally understood that the messiest looking treats are always the most divine. Using brownie mix, chocolate chips, shortening, jimmies, and some craft sticks, you can test out this rule in case you have any doubts. Recipe

S’mores on a Stick

Sure making s’mores is half the fun. But when an open fire isn’t an option, you can create these beauties ahead of time. We promise they will still be just as delicious. After all, how can you ever go wrong with marshmallow dipped in chocolate? Recipe

Chocolate Dipped Rice Crispy Popsicles

If you’re looking for a way to revamp something that’s already in your dessert repertoire, these are worth a try. Beloved krispy treats dipped in chocolate and placed on a stick take the whole experience to a new level of yum. Recipe

Grilled Fruit Kebobs

Okay, you might be wondering how these healthy do-gooders snuck onto the list. But load up your favorite fruit on a stick, place them on the grill, and drizzle with warm honey. Then come back and tell us if they weren’t scrumptious. Recipe

Marshmallow Pops

Want to wow party guests with the prettiest (and simplest) of treats? Insert lollipop sticks into marshmallows, submerge them in water and coat them with brilliantly colored sprinkles. Dessert on stick, meet magic on a stick! Recipe



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