Remote Control Crane Toys for Kids

by Valerie | Last Updated: 04/11/2020

Remote controlled toys are great for kids of most ages. In fact, even adults enjoy playing with them. Don’t believe me? Next time you’re in a toy shop have a look at who’s trying out the RC cranes. You’ll see boys and girls, along with dads and even moms.

These toys are excellent for developing hand-eye co-ordination and there are many different types of remote-controlled toys on the market these days.

Remote controlled cranes are very popular with kids of all ages. Just look at the number of kids who stop at building sites to check out the cranes and their payloads. Now you can bring the builder’s yard right into the home for your little construction worker to have fun.

Here we’ve found a selection of remote-controlled cranes for kids of all ages, so take your time and read up on these amazing toys. We’ve found cranes which will suit even the youngest kids. Choosing a gift will never be a problem again!

6 Best Remote Control Crane Toys for Kids

Dickie Toys Mega RC Crane Playset

Dickie Toys Mega RC Crane Playset


This standalone crane comes with a truck included on the package. The crane reaches a height of 48” and can rotate a full 350 degrees. The controller also allows the boom to be raised and lowered.

To ensure that the crane does not overbalance the base is a solid and a good size. Both the winch and the trolley move just like the real thing on a construction site.

The hook is interchangeable, and the bed is large enough to get small items into. The cabin is big enough to fit a small toy inside.

The crane is a great size for kids and their little fingers. They can get the small figure in and out of the cabin easily. Both trolley and winch look similar to the real deal.

We like that this crane comes with several additional accessories and different hook attachments, so kids don’t lose interest for a decent amount of time.


Top Race RC Crane

Top Race Remote Control Crane


This crane uses a battery powered radio control unit and has sound as well as lights to give it a realistic feel.

This mobile rc crane toy has sturdy caterpillar tracks so that it can move on uneven ground without falling over. Rough outdoor play is not a problem with this crane!

The battery takes just 50 minutes to fully charge and then the crane will run for 25 minutes. The controller uses a frequency that does not interfere with other devices


Fistone 6 Channel RC Tower Crane

Fistone 6 Channel RC Tower Crane


The crane comes with a wide range of movement and several interesting features, so your kid stays occupied and has fun.

Additional accessories mean that your kid can use different payloads, while the movement of the boom is realistic. There’s a small figure to fit into the cabin and a lifelike winch.

The remote control is easy to use, so even small fingers will be able to do it without getting frustrated.

We love the many accessories that are included with this crane. It has been designed to keep kids occupied for a good amount of time with so much to interchange.

The winch and trolley movement look just like real cranes and even the little figure looks realistic. Suitable for kids 6 years old and up.


Top Race 15 Channel RC Crane

Top Race 15 Channel Remote Control Crane


The design of this crane is stunning! Your kids will just love it! The controller has 4 buttons so gives a variety of movement options.

Movement of the boom is fully functional, smoothly moving backward, forward, left, right, up and down. Not only will the kids have endless fun, they will also develop those important hand-eye co-ordination skills.

The controller will not interfere with other toys using RC as it works on 40 MHz frequency. We like that the controller does not interfere with other remotes so kids can play with more than one remote.

The crane has a great range of movement and looks like a real crane. The selling point is that this crane looks so good. It’s a great design and will appeal to kids and dads!


Simulation Remote Control RC Tower Crane Toy

Simulation Remote Control RC Tower Crane Toy


What your child turn their toy room into a mini building site with this realistic looking rc tower crane toy. With a weight limit of 250g your kids will find plenty to move around. The boom extends to a massive 60cm.

Boom movement is from left to right as well as move up and down and the hook is sturdy and durable. We like the attention to detail. It is made from durable plastic, so will stand up to a lot of use. Suitable for kids 6 – 16 years old.


Hobby Engine Remote Control Crawler Crane


Hobby Engine Remote Control Crawler Crane



This ready to roll RC crawler crane is the perfect kids construction toy. Able to steer in all directions, the body can rotate 360 degrees. The crane arm and lift bucket have articulated jaws, perfect for picking up small building blocks or sand.

Watch your child have fun building a hill in his sandpit or moving ruble LEGO bricks in his playroom. It comes with all the batteries need and a rechargeable battery pack. Suitable for kids 8 – 15 years old.



There’s no doubt about it, remote control cranes are here to stay. They’re a great addition to any kid’s toy box. What we like about the cranes we’ve looked at here is that there is one for all ages of kids, starting from 3 years old.

All the toys we’ve checked out are made from high-quality materials and are non-toxic, which is important with kids.

Having sounds and lights make the cranes even more realistic and the variety of movements will keep kids occupied for longer, as well as helping to develop that all-important hand-eye co-ordination.

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