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Conveyor belt sushi is so exciting, it will probably inspire kids to try a roll or two. This is Home Conveyor Sushi, a toy that will be out this spring in Japan. It's basically a plastic train set that has couches with plates on them. There allows for you to have your own rotating sushi restaurant in the comfort...
This May, make sure the kids are prepared with the best gift for mom. What I Love About Mom is a book created by the littles who love her. While older kids can easily fill in all the pages based on prompts, it would be fantastic to hear the answers the wee ones come up with.
What kind of snacks do you serve on Batman plates? Batman cookies, of course. After all, a day of crime fighting should always be rewarded with a sweet homemade treat. The Batman Logo Cookie Cutter makes oval cookies with bat-shaped deep imprint. The officially licensed piece even features a recipe for Dark Knight Chocolate Chip Cookies on the package.
Since owls have been "a thing" kids seem to gravitate towards their spooky little faces.  These recycled owls are made from all sorts of objects will put a smile on anyone WHOOO loves the nocturnal birds.
Every parent learns that small kids need lots of cups that are safe from spills. Keeping track of them is another story. With SipSnaps, you can use any tumbler and stretch one over the top of it. Then you’ve got a spill-proof cup to hand on over. SipSnap TOT has a durable, chew-resistant spout for little ones to drink from,...
Mealtime is no excuse for not staying in character. Superheroes need to eat too! The Batman and Wonder Woman Dinnerware Sets by DC Comics are a whole lot cooler than the typical characters you find on dishes for kids. The bowl, plate, and cup promote confidence in newly honed eating skills and all around crime-fighting/do-gooding behavior.
A love for wooden baby toys doesn't have to end as your child grows. Hape makes games for preschool aged kids too! As an added bonus, they will be playing with peppers, squash, carrots, celery, pickles, and corn...as opposed to the usual sweet suspects. Players stack them all up in groups of three and begin a game of veggie-toppling...
You could hang some pretty pictures on the wall, or you could trim your home in art that performs! These little homes are designed by Luez Design and Play, a New york-based creator of modern products for children. While the simple house hooks are sold individually, this trio will make a great statement and keep things tidy.
Whether you're thinking about first foods or a way to encourage choosy eaters, the Lollaland Mealtime Set is a cool new option. Since little portions of a variety of foods is their preferred method for chowing down, the small pieces included in the set are sized just right. The plate, bowl, and dipping cup (all about the dips), all...
What's cooler than a collection of adorable knit dolls? A bunch of them flying overhead while your every need is catered to, naturally. Yes, the stuffed doll obsession finds a new function with the Bumble Bee Baby Mobile. It poses no threat of stinging, but will certainly capture the hearts of newly hatches babes.

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