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When products can combine contemporary design and a playful early learning experience, it's literally fun for the whole family. Playsam knows just how to do this, and it shows in these new vehicles. The train and truck are made up of brightly colored blocks, each with two smooth rolling wheels, that fit together with jigsaw puzzle connectors.
Wall decals have been done and done again, so it's rare to see something that's actually exciting. As the name suggests, the White Twinkling Tree Gate wall decal will brighten up any nursery. Available in several colors, the branches and stars will become a great focal point for heavy eyes.
What's not to love about a high up space to stash the few things you want to keep in good shape? This wooden shelf will take care of special books, framed photos, or breakables while putting them on display. It's modern, cool and has a charming message to boot.
Every parent wants a set of drums in the house, right?? Perhaps if you help kids create them you will cozy up to the idea of all the noise. This DIY Bongo Drum Set has all the parts and tools needed to make their own beats. Quick and easy to assemble, they are attractive in natural wood and can...
When robots and building blocks come together, you get WHOA-BOTS, which makes perfect sense. These aren't your standard blocks, they climb, stack, and balance themselves into impressive formations, all while improving motor skills and providing endless fun.
It wasn't until I discovered this list that I realized what my area is missing. A great bookstore for kids! Darn you, Daily Candy! Ranging from hip and modern to warm and fuzzy, these shops are fully stocked with the classics and contemporary reads that kids love.
We all know what kind of noise kids can make with a few real instruments, but it's what they can do with a set of completely quiet ones that's really interesting! The Pillow Rock Band isn't just perfect for decorating their rooms, they help form one of the most innovative trios around.
If you've ever played hide and seek with a young child, you know they aren't so at good scoping out the best places to conceal themselves. This is exactly what makes this list of 20 Kids Who Are Totally Winning at the Game Of Hide And Seek is so entertaining.  
Get tomorrow’s designers started today with this smart introductory volume by award-winning graphic designer Chip Kidd. Go: A Kidd's Guide to Graphic Design illustrates how to communicate effectively through typography, color, visual imagery, and so on. It’s written and designed just for curious kids, but also speaks to to the savvy parents who will pick it up.
Avoiding plastic when it comes to feeding kids gets easier and easier each day. These beautiful pine wood feeding trays are the perfect plate to make meal time fun and eco-friendly. Free of BPA, PVC and Phthalates, they come in sweet animal shapes and are sure to serve generations to come.

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