Must See Treehouses for Kids


Having an awesome tree house in the backyard is the ultimate childhood fantasy. A super neat space built just for you and your homeboys and homegirls makes you the coolest kid on the block, all while providing hours of outdoor fun. Even something as simple as a plywood box with a door and a window works. Though if you’re thinking of something a little grander for your little adventure seeking offspring, you can’t miss this list of Must See Treehouses For Kids.

This charming abode has great extras like a real stairway and a front porch for sipping lemonade while telling stories. A sweet arched doorway adds mom and dad approved style, and a set of barn-like doors up top provide a birds-eye view of the land. (Link)

This tree house doubles as a mini playground, thanks to a mega slide and a pole for making quick exits. The curved stairway makes it feel like a grown up space. We can only hope there’s a spot for jumping off and onto that trampoline! (Link)

Barbara Butler has been building custom tree houses since 1987. This one doubles as a play structure and kicks things up in notch by using plenty of fun color and whimsical design details. (Link)

The Monstro Tree House by Daniels Woodland comes with its own 8’-10’ diameter log. The log has about a 4’x4′ hollow area in the center which provides space for the playhouse. Kids can enter through the base of the giant log, or take a staircase up to the rear balcony and enter the clubhouse through the back door.(Link)

Another eco-friendly, Barbara Butler special has two amazing climbing walls that will take you directly to your lair. Then when the dinner bell rings signifying it’s time to come inside, kids can exit via a slide, a traditional ladder or make their way down the walls once again. (Link)

This stunning, modern beauty was built for the lucky children of ModFruGal. Though it’s not just amazingly cool on the outside. The contemporary hideaway is outfitted with chalkboard walls, a skylight for stargazing, a pail/pulley system for sending up snacks, a DIY disco ball for partying, and has a super secret barn door entryway. (Link)

If the last house was modern, this one is eco-luxe. The tree house known as Solling is located in Uslar, Germany and was commissioned by a family who wanted to take advantage of their unique setting and allow their son to grow up in a nature rich environment. We are particularly smitten with its insect-like legs. (Link)

What’s better than one tree covered in fun? Having a tree house and tree deck built in two giant redwoods, with a cool walkway linking the them together. (Link)

This attractive hideaway maximizes its footprint with two floors of fun. A modern, log cabin look with pops of color makes it a space for kids of all ages to adore. (Link)

While we can’t see what this deluxe bridge connects to, we’re sure it leads to more awesome. This place has a huge tube slide, porch, side patio, and a pretty-as-a-picture exterior. (Link)

This was one of the few tree housess we came across that made use of the space below for swings. Swings are the coolest part of play, and this one not only has two swings for the littles, it also boasts a sweet porch-style swing for story time and snuggles with the grown ups. (Link)

Thanks to loads of repurposed materials and items, this tree house project only cost about $300 to create! The lucky children of the folks over at Kid Baltimore get to play in this fun-meets-modern fort complete with a bucket pulley system. (Link)

Where do you play when Celine Dion is your mom? Here! This chic white chateau was designed with Celine’s 10-year-old son and her many nieces and nephews in mind. (Link)

This hideaway has a Hansel & Gretal, lost-in-the-woods feel that adventurous kids will adore. Charming and shabby, it blends in so well with the brush, they just might want to leave a trail of crumbs behind. (Link)

Ewoks invading your garden? Building an AT-ST fort should take care of all that. The Star Wars-inspired creation may not be as fancy as the rest, but it sure it geeky! (Link)

Every wonder what a human (little human, at least) sized bird house would look like? Wonder no more, because we think this is it! Designed by John Rattenbury in 1967, this recreation features neat, hexagonal portholes for bird watching, of course.(Link)

If Frank Lloyd Wright had been in the tree house business, his design might have looked something like this. Perched up high, and making use of the play space below, its floor to ceiling windows are great for soaking up some nature.  (Link)

Short on outdoor space? This tree house bed will make up for that. A full-time, all-weather hideaway, right in their bedroom? It might even score you some extra time for sleeping in. (Link)


  1. I like the one with the swing set underneath. I am thinking of building one in our back yard. I have alot of little nieces and nephews and some on the way, it would be great for them to have somewhere to play in the backyard. And this would give me major points for being the best uncle ever 🙂

  2. I looked at treehouse number 11 and i was like,”I want that house so bad,its so actual house looking” as you can probably tell from the comment I’m a kid too. Just a very intelegent kid with an e-mail account.

  3. wow. I am a teenage immature and as you can possibly tell, I am so gonna build one. but I am going to build 1 with a zip line going from one tree house to another. then have a hammock and party lights to make it look kinda it would look so cool out in the pines. some where to release stress from my little brother…..


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