Children’s Inflatable Jet ski


Before they get out on the open sea, start your child’s water sport adventures in the swimming pool or local lake, with this Inflatable Jet ski pool toy with motor. From the makers of the original Sea Doo line of personal watercrafts, it allows kids aged 8 and up to coast across swimming pools or other calm waters at a safe, maximum speed of 2 mph. It is constructed from heavy gauge, puncture-resistant PVC that supports a maximum of 155 lbs.

One of the biggest thing you need to watch our for when buying one of these is to make sure it stay upright once the motor is on. It is very easy for such inflatable toys to overturn while the kid is driving it so get one that doesn’t overturn easily.

Price wise, it is very affordable if you think about it. It has a motor for goodness sake and only cost less than USD60? I don’t think any other rideable toy is that cheap. Most that I know of will cost your round at least USD100.

Besides being able to move, it comes with a blaster for kids to spray water at each other. You can’t get more fun than this!



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