5 Best Inflatable Obstacle Courses for Kids

by Kid Crave | Last Updated: 04/05/2020

Whether you are hosting a big event, or a small party at home for kids, an inflatable obstacle course will make you everyone’s favorite. It’s also referred to as a bouncer, bouncy jumper, bounce house, or a jumping castle. Whatever you call it, it’s never-ending fun for kids, and they absolutely never want to leave it. They will even sleep in it if you let them.

An inflatable bounce house obstacle course for kids comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are appropriate for toddlers, while some are only intended for bigger kids who have better balance. For toddlers, such a bouncy jumper can be dangerous.

So, you are recommended to always keep an eye on your kids when they are busy hopping around like bunnies. Also, always read safety guidelines before purchasing or setting one up.

This article aims to help you pick the best inflatable obstacle course for kids.

Here are the Best Inflatable Obstacle Courses for Kids

1. YARD Giant Inflatable Obstacle Course

Inflatable Obstacle Course


This giant bouncy obstacle course includes a climbing wall, two tunnels, two obstacles, and a big slide. In addition to its major features, it also has a wide playing space for kids who just want to hop without crossing obstacles. It is big enough to accommodate 6 – 8 children at a time, making it an ideal bouncer for a small party.

After crossing the tunnel, there are a few pillars to get through to the climbing wall. After kids climb the wall, they slide down the other side.

Because it is basically intended for residential use, it is lightweight as compared to a commercial bouncer, and you can move it around easily. The inflatable obstacle course has mesh netting on the sides to protect kids from falling over.

It is easy to install with a strong 950W blower that takes around a minute and a half to blow it up. It is just as easy to deflate with zipper and air tube. It comes with a storage bag, and that adds to the portability of this bouncy.



2. Bounceland Inflatable Bouncer Obstacle

Bounceland Inflatable Bouncer Obstacle

This obstacle bouncy has two tunnels on one end and a slide on the finishing end. Two kids can race through this obstacle course at a time. For kids who are not interested in racing, there is a hopping area in the center.

After crossing the tunnel, there is a wall which children have to climb to get to the hopping area. That is followed by a few pillars, and then by yet another climbing wall which leads to the slide.

The obstacles on this bouncy house make it interesting and fun for kids. Offering multiple activities, this bouncer is sure to keep kids engaged for hours.

With this obstacle bouncy, your kids are not just going to have fun, but also a ton of exercise. It can support 4 kids, or a weight of 400 lbs at a time. This is an ideal size for a small party of kids. It comes with a blower and a repair kit.


3. Costzon Obstacle Course Bounce Area

Costzon Obstacle Course Bounce Area

Costzon’s obstacle bouncy is pretty funky, with arcs here and there, which is something quite different than other bouncers. It also has two tunnels which two kids can race through at a time.

After crossing the tunnels, kids have to climb a wall, followed by another wall, and end up on the slide. The bouncer has mesh walls on open sides for safety.

The bouncy house comes with a repair kit, a storage bag, and a blower. It can support a maximum of 4 kids, or a weight of 400 lbs. It is suitable for kids aged 3 years old and up.

It blows up quickly in around two minutes, and if you use a powerful blower instead of the one included in the package, you are going to have more bounce. More bounce, more fun.


4. Inflatable Rock Climb & Slide Obstacle Course

Inflatable Rock Climb & Slide Obstacle Course

This obstacle course for kids is a big inflatable slide and rock climbing slope in one. The climbing wall has non slip grips and the slide has a stopping wall at the end to provide a safer experience.

This bouncy will keep kids engaged for plenty of time. Because of its price and size, this obstacle course is best suited for large scale events. It has mesh walls on its open sides for safety.

5. Cloud 9 Twin Racer Bounce House


The Cloud 9 bouncer is a charming obstacle course that is reasonably priced, and ideal for small gatherings, and residential use.

It has two tunnels on one end. After crossing the tunnels, kids have to climb over a wall. Then they cross through pillars to get to the slide. This bouncer will keep children busy, and give parents some time off. It has mesh covering on open sides for safety.

It comes with all the usual accessories, except a storage bag, which might be a bummer.


  1. Tunnels
  2. Climbing wall
  3. Pillars
  4. Slide
  5. Supports up to 5 kids


  1. Storage bag not included
  2. Stakes might be a little flimsy

Bouncy jumpers are a lot of fun for kids as they simply can’t sit still, and absolutely love moving constantly. Whether you want to create a fun room for your kids at home, or are looking to start a business aimed at entertaining kids, you can take help from our guide and be on your way.

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