Chill Baby Mustache Pacifier


Oh, mustaches. They just won’t seem to go away. If you can’t beat ’em? Fred’s Lil Shaver Mustache Pacifier is a new version of the Etsy style I featured some time ago. If you know a family that celebrates the mustache – real and trend-inspired –  this silicone BPA free Chill Baby is just the thing for their new addition.


  1. […] Is your baby a member of Lochte nation? Then he or she needs a grill, stat. Of course, babies don’t have very many teeth, so the Grillz Pacifier will have to do for now. The flashy diamond and gold look will train even the tiniest people how to be a number one stunner, all day, e’ry day…or at least on the days they aren’t using their mustache paci. […]


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