13 best of the best balance bike for 2015


This list of the best of the best balance bike for 2015 includes models that cover as many as different aspects as possible. Some with come with rubber tires while others might have  ergonomic design or suspension or push bar.  We try to be as comprehensive as possible so that parents visiting this page have a wide choice. At kidcrave.com, we always prefer balance bike (or run bikes) to trikes as the former will give children a sense of balance that trikes never could. So, if you share our belief, take your time to check out some of these cool balance bike balance bike for 2015.


Balance bike with rubber tires and adjustable seats

Balance bike with rubber tires Kinderfeets’s cool looking balance bike comes with rubber tires and eco friendly materials for parents who care about the environment.  The rubber tires are almost punctual proof and very durable. Best of all, it is bigger than most tires which give kids a sense of security and safety.

Another useful feature is that the seat is not only padded for comfort but is also height adjustable. You can adjust it all the way down such that it is only above the back wheel and use it for a 2 year old. You can also raise the seat back once your kid reaches 4 years old. This height adjustable balance bike ensures the longevity of this product in your home as you can use it when your kid grows up from 2 to 4.

Parents who are concern about the handle bars can also relax as it is designed such that they can only be turned about 20-25 degrees on either side. This means they wouldn’t turn completely and dump the kid  on the ground. There are pads inside such that there is no wood hitting wood as well as no finger pinching.

Reviews for this balance bike has been overwhelming positive so I am sure it is a top rated product that is value for money. You can check it out at Amazon


Best wooden balance bike for the money cheap wooden balance bike

If you are looking a cheap wooden balance bike that is also high quality, check out this model from ZUM.  It takes no effort to put together and comes with no pedals or brakes for easy handling for your  kid.

This balance bike is also seat adjustable like the previous model. Best of all, it is much cheaper than what an average balance bike will cost. If you are on a budget, this is a great model to get. For wooden toy lovers, you might also want to read this recommendation on the best wooden shopping cart toy.


Coolest Durncraft run bike

Coolest balance bike Among all the designs featured here, this has to be the most stylish I have seen. It is not a cheap balance bike by any means but oh boy, isn’t it nice to look at?


Copper style balance bike

Copper balance bike Boys are just going to love this. We know because one of the best selling items on our site is the motorcycle rocking horse.  Similarly, if your boy loves motorbikes and such, they will fall in love with this copper balance bike. This bike comes with rubber tires and a safety handle bar.

However, one thing you might want to note that it is rather big and heavy so it is best for a 3 year old, rather than 2. Some parents also complaint about the set up instructions not being clear. Check this out at Amazon


Motorcycle balance bike

Motorcycle balance bike If Copper is not your style, how about this motorcycle balance bike that is like intimating than the copper design?  It is a great design that is easy to assemble and has a wonderful padded seat that is very comfortable for the kids. Do note however that the seat for this is also adjustable so you can’t use it when kids outgrow their current phase. The tires are also not made of rubber. Instead, it is made of plastic which can produce noise when used on certain flooring types. Check it out at Amazon


Disney cars and princess balance bike

Disney has proDisney cars balance bike Disney princess balance bike Disney has produced some  pretty popular movie for kids such as Frozen and Cars so don’t be surprise that there is a Disney theme balance bike design in the market just for its fans.  Featured here are 2 of the more popular models: Disney car balance bike and Disney princess balance bike.


Futuristic balance bike

Futuristic balance bike Ever seen one of those sci fi shows where the actors ride on their futuristic bikes? Well this BIT balance bike from Glodos looks exactly like that.  If you want your kid to be the envy of others, get this!


Balance bike with detachable pedals

Balance bike with detachable pedals Some parents might prefer balance bike that comes with detachable pedals for your kids to rest their legs or get used to pedals.  If that is the case, this EZee glider will be what you are looking for. It has a removable footrest or pedals that kids can put their foot on whenever they are gliding. The tires are also made of rubber.

One downside of this model is the brakes. It can be hard to squeeze for young kids so they have a tendency to use their feet as brakes. If that is the case for child, make sure not to let them wear any new shoes as they will be worn out rather easily.


Superhero balance bike

captain america balance bike spider man balance bike If your kid loves superheros like Superman,  Batman or Iron man, he or she will love these designs. The above images feature: Spiderman balance bike  and Captain America balance bike.


Balance bike with suspension

Balance bike with suspension Want a suspension in your balance bike? These are not easy to find but there is one model from UK that has exactly this feature. It is called LIKEaBIKE Jumper and costs around 129 pounds. It is a quality product that shines in many departments.

Suspension wise, it has a rear suspension that allows better control and gliding. The entire body is made of aluminum so it is pretty light weight.  Seats are adjustable so it can cater to 2 to 4 year old. Assembly is required as you need to attach the handle bars, seat and wheels to the main body of the balance bike.


Colorful balance bike

Colorful balance bike for kids We spotted this from an ecommerce store in Spain. Unfortunately, the store seems to be down at the moment so we are not linking to it.  It is a pity though as the colors look really great and vibrant.


Balance bike with air tires

Balance bike with air tires Air tires has one distinct advantage over normal tires: they can better hug the surface of the road and they keep the weight of the bike down. This is why some parents insist on buying only balance bike with air tires. If you are looking for one, this model from Radio Flyer will be a great option.

It comes not only with air tires but has an adjustable balance bike seat as well.  Putting it together is going to take you less than 5 minutes. From the reviews, it is also clear that this Radio Flyer balance bike is sturdy and is made to last. Most reviewers have had this bike for years and it is still in solid working condition!


Stylish black run bike

Black run bike Another very cool run bike design. I can’t believe this is for toddlers or kids! It looks so good that I wish it had an adult version.  Alas, this is just a prototype design and is not meant for mass production. Why they can’t produce stuff like this?

Hope you enjoy 14 best of the best balance bike in 2015. Let us know which one tickles your fancy!


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