Kids Toys Turned Cakes


Turn on any food channel and you’ll find a show about outrageous cake designs. This makes it hard to present little ones with a plain old sheet cake. Let’s face it, Fudgey the Whale just won’t cut it today. These Kids Toys Cakes are bound to provide some inspiration for your child’s next birthday…or perhaps even your own.

Robot Cake

Robots are an eternal favorite among little ones and gadget-lovers of any age. This rendering is spot on and will ensure that the party is wired for fun.

Operation Cake

The BUZZ! of Operation is a childhood sound not easily forgotten. The classic anatomy game is represented here in delicious form…just watch out for the bread basket!

Candy Land Cake

As the game that leaves you with sugary sweet cravings, a Candy Land Cake makes perfect sense. Whether you get a slice of Peppermint Forest or Gumdrop Mountain, it’s sure to be tastier than those plastic gingerbread pieces.

Radio Flyer Cake

No beach vacation or day in the park is complete without a good ol’ fashioned Radio Flyer Wagon. Any family that gets major mileage out of theirs will love this confectionery version.

Guitar Hero Cake

More than just a video game, Guitar Hero quickly became a cultural phenomenon. This cake exemplifies expert level, rockin fun.

Littlest Pet Shop Cake

Don’t let their name fool you…Littlest Pet Shop Toys warrant lots of love from their littlest fans. This pretty cake features an adorable and edible LPS snail you won’t have to worry about losing.

Toy Story Cake

The ultimate toy movie is the perfect theme for a toy cake. Hopefully the gum-paste versions of Buzz and Woody are as tasty as they are funny.

Where the Wild Things Are Cake

While it may not be a toy, Where the Wilds Things Are is a must-have on every child’s bookshelf. Due to the recent film version, it’s seen a surge in popularity and will no doubt be the theme of many parties in the coming year.

Monopoly Cake

The one and only game of real estate looks a lot less bleak than the actual real estate game, especially when presented in delicious cake form. Watch out, because everyone is going to want a piece of Boardwalk.

Playstation 3 Cake

It can be quite hard to pull them away from their video games, even when you lure them with sweet treats. This Playstation 3 cake just might be cool enough to initiate a click of the pause button.

Cabbage Patch Kids Cake

Cute, chubby faced Cabbage Patch Kids have been the doll to love for nearly three decades. We hope that a lot of pictures were taken at this party, enthusiasm as kids eat their greens is a rarely seen occurrence.

Rubix Cube Cake

The world’s most popular puzzle game looks tasty and far easier to solve in cake form. Which is a good thing because unless there’s a zombie theme, parties shouldn’t involve too much brain work.


The coolest building blocks, with their square and rectangular bricks, translate easily into cake format. This version featuring the LEGO man, ups the challenge for a super scrumptious result.

Leap Frog Caterpillar Cake

Leap Frog and their crew of pals are fairly new to the toy game, but their products that teach letters, music and numbers – usually all in one toy – have quickly become a toddler favorite. This Caterpillar pal is perfect for counting and cutting up into several delicious parts.

Hello Kitty Cake

Girls of all ages are into Hello Kitty these days, so she fits in just as easily at a sweet 16 as she does at a first birthday party. Her super cute feline face makes the most purrfect cake for any occasion.



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