Cake: It’s What’s Inside That Counts


We can blame reality TV for a whole bunch of things, but various foodie shows are definitely to blame for our obsession with outrageously creative mega cakes. Though in real, real life, layers upon layers of expertly placed fondant, sugar flowers, and cakes the size of small children are not something most of us can do at home. Cake: It’s What’s Inside That Counts explores a new trend in cakes, one that can be easily achieved in the kitchen – surprise slices. After all, how a cake looks on the outside doesn’t really matter if what’s going on inside isn’t amazing. No doubt inspired by The Rainbow Cake from a few years back, these days when it comes to baking, the proof is in the cutting!

Camouflage Cake

Polka Dot Cake

Rubik’s Cube Cake

Love The Earth Cupcake

Tulip Cake

Peep Cake

Heart Cake

Mousse Heart Cake

American Flag Cake

Rainbow Cake With Natural Dyes

Halloween Polka Dot Cake




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