Walking Cute: Zombie Gear For Kids


Your child might not sit down to tune in to AMC’s Walking Dead with you, but that doesn’t mean zombies aren’t on their radar. Babies not yet old enough to notice and kids mature enough to love the undead can get in on the fun. After all, aren’t they the masters of oozing, unidentified, gooey grossness as it is? These fun products, from bibs and mixed up stuffed toys to instructional books and survival kits, aim for pleasing kids and parents who already know to always aim for the braaaaaains.

1. Remote Control Zombie – $24

2. MMMMBrains Lunch Bags – $4

3. Zombie Baby Bib – $15

4. Zombie Zoo Plush – $21

5. My Zombie Family Car Stickers – $10

6. How To Speak Zombie – $15

7. Zombie Slayer One Piece – $18

8. Dismember Me Plush Zombie – $10

9. Zombie Survival Kit – $25



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