I’m A Believer: Modern Christmas for Kids


Just because there are kids in the home and toys scattered about, doesn’t mean you need to compromise your love for modern design. And as you can see here, that idea can also be applied come Christmas time. Decorating for the merriest season of the year is always fun, but add in some of these modern touches–that range from bold and bright to silly and glimmering–and both you and Santa’s littlest helpers will be so pleased, you’ll break out in carols each time you walk through the door.

1. IKEA Ornament Set – $5

2. Fa La La Printable – $5

4. Foldable Star Sculptures $22+

3. PossibiliTree $160

5. Little Lumps of Coal $18

6. Cookies for Santa Plate – $10

7. Doodle Appetizer Plates – $3

8. DIY Tree Crafts – $0

9. Lacquer Elf & Nutcracker – $10+


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