Fifty Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Children Do)


Throw caution to the wind and forget every old wives tale you’ve ever heard, this book wants kids and parents alike to reclaim childhood. Author Gever Tulley believes that there are many “dangerous” things that are interesting, eye-opening, enlightening or just plain fun. While there are aspects of danger in virtually everything we do, his tips and tricks help you to learn how mastery actually minimizes danger. So go on: lick a 9-volt battery, play with fire, and superglue your fingers together while you’re at it.


  1. It’s nice to know that there are alot of Inter
    esting, educational and wonderful things on thi
    s website for kids to get involved in. Im sure
    that with them being out for the Summer, that t
    hey are going to need programs, hobbies, and al
    ot of games and other possitve things, to keep
    them going in the right direction? Parents and
    Others, Who plays a very Important Role, Place
    and Part, in Helping to Shape, Mentor,and teach
    our children how to become future Leaders,Paren
    ts. or well Rounded and Respectable Adults.All of You Deserve alot of Thanks, for doing a job
    so well. Youngpeople, as you began your summer,
    please try to remember that you are our future
    leaders of tomorrow. And that the shaping of yo
    ur future success, starts with what you do toda
    y. And that a Mind is a Terrible thing to waste
    Im 05-23-2010 @ 02;16PM.

  2. This is funny, I would totally buy it and save it for when I had kids. This book seems funny I would buy it.


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