The Essential Guide To Raising A Hipster


Okay, so maybe I took liberties with the title of this feature. You’ll need more than some seriously hip swag to raise a hipster. Like making sure they watch everything starring Zooey Deschanel, are well versed in Instagram, and listen to lots of music that isn’t quite cool yet. To start, thick-rimmed eyeglasses, Apple products, mustache anything, and a Vespa for making moves, are among the items your tot will need to gain some hipster cred…the rest is up to them and their knowledge of the best Pho spots in town.

1. Hip Plush Toys – $48

2. Wooden iPhone for Kids – $TBD

3. iWood Toy Computer $53

4. Baby Ukulele – $18

5. Nerdy Glasses Onesie $16

6. Ray Ban Junior Eyeglasses $TBD

7. Mustache Pacifier – $10

8. Camera Teething Toy – $16

9. Junior Earmuff Headphones – $18

10. Wooden Vepsa Rocker – $65

11. Tiny Toms – $29






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