15 Best Electronic Pets for Kids

by Zunaira Ghazal | Last Updated: 04/03/2020

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Having a pet is perhaps the biggest want of any toddlers. However, many parents either lack the time or money to get a real pet. For those of us who can’t, the next best thing is an electronic pet.

While some argue that live pets are more companionable, not everyone has the ability or the resources to take care of an actual cat or a dog or a bird or even a fish. This is where electronic pets for kids come in handy. They’re available in such a huge variety and are definitely designed to be great companions for lonely kids.

If you’re searching one for your own child, here’s a list of 15 best ones to get you started:

Here are the best electronic pets for kids

1. Little Live Scruff-a-Luvs Electronic Pet

Electronic rescue pet for kids


This fluffy little toy would be every child’s dream pet. It’s got built-in live reactions that mimic an actual pet, so your kids won’t be missing out on the experience. From shivering to whimpering, hiccups, feeding, and even happy sounds, this electronic pet has a very authentic experience to offer.

If you like surprises, then you’ll also appreciate how there’s a mystery animal in each box – you won’t know whether you got a cat or a dog until you do the unboxing!

What’s even better is that you also get a bunch of playful accessories along with the toy. These include a comb, a collar, an id tag, and even an adoption certificate.



2. Little Live Electronic Parrot & Cage

Electronic parrot pet cage


For every parent who doesn’t want the actual hassle of cleaning up after a live bird, this is the perfect alternative. This toy parrot comes with a shiny glitter cage of its own and would totally blow your kid away with its realism. The bird actually lights up, which would delight your kids to no end.

Moreover, it has a number of unique features. For example, it can record your voice and say it back, the more you pet, the more it sings, and lastly, the wings light up beautifully when the bird speaks or tweets.

Bonus: this toy comes with 30 different bird calls, so you won’t have to suffer through just that one plain old boring one. Suitable for kids 5 – 15 years old.



3. HYX Electronic Talking Hamster

Electronic talking plush hamster toy


Don’t have confidence that your kid is ready for an actual hamster? Well, you can give them a test drive with this electronic talking hamster. It’s soft, fluffy, and absolutely adorable.

One of its main features includes the ‘Talkback’ function, where it records what you say and repeats it. The audio quality is quite good and the improved distorts only make it better. The high-pitched talkback voice is incredibly funny and will make your little one laugh out loud.

Other than that, there’s also the auto-shaking response to touch and head-bopping whenever you pat its head. Lastly, the plush material makes it super soft to the touch.



4. Electric Pet Dog

Interactive electronic talking puppy


This interactive electronic puppy is the perfect prelude to an actual one. It talks, sings, walks, barks, and even dances on command. Moreover, its adorable form will make children go absolutely gaga over it. The interactive sounds that this puppy makes are a great way to train your kid for the real deal.

After being turned on, the dog greets you. It has an auto-switch off feature that turns it off after 30 seconds of disuse. It plays prerecorded songs when you touch its head and plays the chasing game when you touch the blue spot on its back.



5. Interactive Electronic Barking Puppy

Interactive Electronic Barking Puppy


This cute little puppy is as close to a real one as any toy can get. With a faux-fur exterior and some great features, your kids will feel like they’ve got the best toy companion ever. This dog has been outfitted with 8 kinds of actions. With just a touch or a clap of your hand, it can bow down, stand up, and even do a headstand.

This toy dog has an adorable bark, whose volume can only be adjusted to four different settings depending on your mood. Other than that, strict quality control ensures that the manufacturing materials are totally child safe as well as eco-friendly.



6. Electronic Playful Pup Toy

Electronic Playful Pup Toy


This robot dog is a great electronic pet that’s perfect for kids 5 and above. Featured in our best robotic dog toys for kids guide, it’s got a very “Jetson’s” vibe and even comes with a sophisticated voice recognition technology. The dog can learn more than 25 tricks via voice command. Additionally, it has a touch system that lets it respond with cute yips, barks, and a number of tricks.

It’s been programmed to imitate all the actual reactions of a dog, so when you pat its head or rub its belly, it’s going to woof with delight. When it powers down, all you have to do is plug it in with a USB cable to get it charged again.



7. MEVA PawPals Kids Walking & Barking Puppy

Kis electronic walking and talking puppy toy


With all of the fun and none of the hassle, this electronic pet would make an excellent gift for your toddler. It has all the charm of an actual puppy – complete with the cute yapping and adorable tail wagging. Your little one can take it for ‘walks’ around the house and even cuddle with it when it’s time for sleep.

It comes with a leash handle and remote control. It’s battery operated and perfectly sized so that your kid will have the best time while playing.



8. Kid Connection Plush Dalmatian

Kids walking and talking electronic Dalmation


101 Dalmatians is a total classic, so if your kid is obsessed with having a black dotted puppy after watching the movie, then this electronic pet would fit the bill just right.

Accessorized with a remote control leash, your kid will be able to ‘walk’ this puppy anywhere around the house. Other than that, it’s built with the basic features; i.e. yapping adorably and wagging its tail once the right button has been pressed.

If you lock the button on the remote control, the puppy can even walk continuously. It’s a great present for toddlers who aren’t yet ready to get an actual, live puppy.


9. Fisca – Remote Control Dog

fisca Remote Control Dog


ThisRemote Control Dog from Fisca is part puppy, part acrobat as he carries out a range of exciting moves at your command. As well as the interactive mode where you can converse with your pooch, he’ll love to show off his tricks!

With seven different voice commands, your robotic dog could be performing a handstand or singing you a song, the choice is yours. You can program your dog to carry out a range of movements but he likes to shake his tail along to some music too! His smooth surface is practical and easy to clean while a power-saving function protects the battery life.



10. Marsoy Husky Robot Toy

Robot and electronic dog toy for kids


This adorable little husky is the perfect toy pet for kids who aren’t ready to take care of a real one. This electronic pet would make a great companion for them and help them learn basic animal care in the meantime.

It can do 8 movements – i.e. bowing down, pushing up, head standing, etc. – so that your kid can enjoy all the perks of having an actual puppy. There are 4 volume control adjustments that make this toy both kid and adult-friendly. It’s also made of safe and comfortable materials that aren’t the least bit hazardous to children.



11. Stuffed Electronic Cat Toy for Toddlers

Electronic cat toy for kids


Cats are the most adorable creatures and if your kid wants to raise one, this electronic toy would be an excellent prelude to a real one. Designed for toddlers, this cute kitty has been pre-programmed with 8 unique movements that allow it to tumble, clap, bow, crawl, and turn upside-down at just a touch.

It can also do the bark and sheep sounds. Operated on batteries, you’ll love how your kid will be able to sleep and cuddle with this toy during night time and nap time. Lastly, it’s very fluffy thanks to the plush exterior covering.



12. Liberty Imports Plush Golden Retriever

Talking electronic dog toy


Just like a real Golden Retriever, this electronic pet alternative is a joy to be around – especially if you’re a kid who’s not yet ready for the real deal! It walks, talks, and is just a generally good companion for growing kids who need a faux animal friend.

Other than that, it also stretches and wags its tail once you pat it on the head. Not only is it made of soft and highly cuddle-worthy material, but it’s also hypoallergenic and completely safe for children. Lastly, it is strong, durable, and built to last.



13. Cuddle Barn Touch Activated Stuffed Animal

Kids interactive dog walking toy


This adorable little puppy is perfect for ages 2 and above. Although, an electronic toy, it’s got the effortless cuteness and adorableness of an actual puppy. The plush exterior and happy face of this toy will immediately hook your little one.

They’ll love cuddling with it – and the best part is that they can even lay down with it when its sleep time. All you have to do is pat its head to activate all the fun features, which include walking around and saying playful phrases.



14. FurReal Flurry Snow Leopard

FurReal Flurry, My Baby Snow Leopard Interactive Plush Toy


This little snow kitty is the perfect electronic pet for kids who adore cats. Along with its realistic responses and soft fur, it is also programmed with 45+ sound and motion combinations. There’s no end to the interactive surprises that this toy has to offer to your kid. It will help them better develop their cognitive skills.

It’s very adorable and great for nurturing an empathetic spirit in your child. It purrs affectionately when you feed it with a bottle. It also coos, kicks, and shakes around at the sound of its rattle.



15. Ageless Innovation – Joy For All Companion Pet Cat

Ageless Innovation - Joy For All Companion Pet Cat


Feel just like you’re snuggling up to a real-life cat with the Joy For All Companion Pet Cat from Ageless Innovation. A gentle, realistic purr combined with deep, soft fur inspired by real felines means it’s easy to forget this isn’t a live, breathing pet!

Your cuddly companion will interact with you just like a real cat, opening its eyes, lifting its paw and moving its head and body. Clever built-in sensors respond to motion and it’s perfect for hugging.

Watch your cat rub its nose or roll over for a tummy tickle; it’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a pet. All the cuteness of a cat without any of the inconvenience or mess; what’s not to adore?!



16. Think Gizmos – interactive Electronic Pet Rabbit

Electronic Pet Rabbit Toy for Boys & Girls


Suitable for children aged 3+, the Interactive Electronic Pet Rabbit from Think Gizmos is the ideal first pet for your little one. This realistic bunny has velvety fur which is soft to the touch, and he loves to munch away on his toy carrot.

If you’re looking for a pet which won’t cause any extra work, this rabbit ticks every box, and your child will love him. Cuddly and cute, this bunny will hop around when you press the button on his left side, twitching his ears up and down just like a real rabbit. Press the button on the right side and he’ll make gentle clicks and purr sounds – he’s one contented little bunny!



17. Top Race Voice Controlled & Remote Control Robot Dog

Top Race Voice Controlled & Remote Control Robot Dog


Enjoy all the fun of a puppy without any of the mess, with the Smart Dog from Top Race. This clever little electronic pet pooch can be controlled with either the remote or your voice, so there’s no excuse for him not to obey! The chunky remote control is intuitive and easy to use so even little hands can move the pup with ease.

Kids will love the 10 different animal voices and ranges of movements, including dancing to music. The only question is what will you get him to do next? With a total of 12 voice commands and perfectly sized for hours of play, this electronic pet is the dog your kid has always wanted.



18. ZazuKids Peek-a-Boo Animated Puppy Toy

Walking and talking dog toy


Children’s fascination with peek-a-boo is a universal thing, which is why this particular electronic toy would be the perfect buy for your toddlers. It’s cute, zany, and keeps the kids entertained with its great features.

The plush body of this dog is cute in its own right, but its flappy ears are what makes it a true catch. They’re oversized and flap over its eyes every time your kid wants to indulge in a game of peek-a-boo.

It even says the phrase: “Where are you? Peek-a-boo! I see you!” Other than that, this toy is also pre-programmed with songs so that your kid can sing along. Specifically designed for toddlers aged 1 – 3 years old.


19. Fisca – Programmable Robot Puppy

Remote Control Robotic Dog


Delight the children with an addition to your household that will keep them entertained for hours. This Programmable Robot Puppy from Fisca has a range of cute functions that the whole family will love. From dancing to spinning, blinking and barking, this little robotic pup has lots of tricks he’s waiting to show you!

You can program functions for him to repeat or use the remote control for spontaneous fun. Pat him on the head and he will respond just like a real puppy, providing friendly companionship and realistic sounds. Ergonomic wheels provide smooth movement so this little puppy can follow you all over the house! Overall this is a cute electronic pet for toddlers.



20. Little Live Pets – Snuggles My Dream Puppy

Electronic puppy for kids


Snuggles, My Dream Puppy from Little Live Pets is the closest thing you’ll find to owning a real dog – but without any of the mess. With a tummy that moves as he breathes, eyes that close as he snoozes and realistic whimpers and barks, you’ll find it hard to believe that Snuggles is just a toy!

His fur is super-soft and he loves to cuddle, especially after you’ve given him a bottle of milk. He has 6 different play modes and 35 different puppy sounds; give him a tickle and see what happens! Play with Snuggles just like you would a real puppy and when you’re finished, he’ll fall asleep in your arms. Woof!



We hope this list of electronic pets help you find your kids’ best buddy. Some of them are advanced, while some are just basic – featuring every range and type that you could choose from.

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Article by Zunaira Ghazal

Zunaira is a professional architect and interior designer with a passion for writing. With a great eye for design and an interest in toys & games, she understands what features a toy must have to benefit people of all ages. Having played video games from an early age and designed amazing kid’s bedrooms, she’s well versed in finding great value for money gifts, games, decor and fun, educational toys.