7 Best Alligator / Crocodile Toys and Games for Toddlers in 2020

by Kid Crave | Last Updated: 01/02/2019

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We understand that some children might be very fond of crocodiles and alligators. And that’s why, we are here to tell you about the best alligator/crocodile toys and games for toddlers who love these mighty green creatures.

Best Crocodile & Alligator Toys & Games for Toddlers

1. Crocodile Hop Floor Game

This crocodile hop floor game by Learning Resources is a highly rated Amazon’s Choice product that can entertain a single toddler or an entire class. It features a vinyl floor mat, two inflatable cubes, activity guide and 4 animal markers. The mat is packed with colors, shapes, and animals that offer plenty of educational activity for kids.

Toddlers have a hard time sitting still, and this crocodile game is just the right way to keep them hopping and learning at the same time. Roll the included dice to reveal which part of the mat to hop on; the first one to pass through the river wins the game.

This game not only teaches your kid educational skills, but also social skills, such as waiting patiently for their turn, and giving space to others.

There’s just one drawback to this game; it might have a strong chemical odor when you first unpack it. It gradually vanishes, but some customers have complained of the smell being long-lasting.


  1. Colorful floor mat
  2. Inflatable cubes
  3. 4 animal markers
  4. Suitable for a group of players


  1. Strong odor

2. Crocodile Dentist

Jock Croc has a toothache and needs a little dentist to figure it out. Crocodile Dentist game by Hasbro is an easy to set up and battery free toy that toddlers will have a lot of fun with. Because it’s such a simple game, kids as young as 4 months can play with it also.

It’s a very simple game in which kids have to keep their fingers from being chomped on. Croc has a sore tooth and if you press on it, it will chomp and send you out of the game. Whoever gets through the jaw without being chomped wins the dentist game. If kids are scared that the crocodile chomp will hurt, they can always use a popsicle stick or something else of the kind to press down the teeth.

To start again, open the crocodile’s jaw to reset. It’s a tough toy that can handle a fall. Despite all its good points, this crocodile dentist game is so simple that kids might lose interest in it soon. However, you can change the rules of the game to make the fun last a little longer.


  1. Battery-free
  2. Easy to set up
  3. Sturdy
  4. No small parts


  1. Simple game that might lose its attraction soon

3. Crocodile Rocker

Crocodile rocker by The Original Toy Company is a highly rated product on Amazon that will add funk to any kids’ play area or a bedroom. This crocodile toy requires no assembly, and can accommodate three toddlers / kids, or support up to 150 pounds of weight.

Even a single child can use this crocodile rocker by sitting in the middle. It has got a covered space on either side so kids can rest their feet instead of letting them hang in the air.

Another good thing about the rocker is that you can even use it outdoors. It is durable and can stand the sun. Because its bottom side is open, no water gathers in it.


  1. No assembly
  2. Accommodates three kids
  3. Suitable for individual use
  4. Easy to carry and store


  1. Smaller than expected

4. Walk-A-Long Crocodile Toy

Walk-a-long croc by Hape is a pull along toy that is especially designed for toddlers. It is an excellent substitute for a real pet, and kids are happy to have their very own crocodile on a leash. It is highly rated toy on Amazon, and kids absolutely love it.

This crocodile toy moves well on both floor and carpet, so it will keep your kid occupied wherever he/she goes. However, it is made of wood, so it might not do very well outdoors.

It is a battery free toy which is just awesome. The only noise adults will hear is the rolling of the crocodile as it is pulled along. Although it is an adorable toy, every kid is different and some kids might not be as attracted to it because it has no lights or sounds.


  1. Battery-free
  2. No noise
  3. Long enough rope to pull while standing
  4. Moves well on hard floor and carpet both


  1. No bright colors or sounds

5. Shape Sorter Crocodile Toy

Cossy’s wooden shape sorter also doubles as a pull along crocodile toy that serves to educate and entertain your child at the same time. It’s a highly rated and reasonably priced toy that makes for a lovely gift for toddlers. Teach your little one about basic shapes, colors, and numbers with this brightly colored pull along crocodile.

It has got five brightly colored pieces in different shapes with numbers printed on one side and corresponding shapes on the other. Kids will have a lot of fun with this toy, and learn in the meanwhile.

There is one drawback to the pull along crocodile. The wheels on this toy come off easily which might pose a problem for little kids who love putting everything in their mouth.


  1. Battery-free

6. Alligator Pull Toy

This wooden pull along alligator toy by Cossy is similar to Hape’s walk-a-long croc, and just as highly rated on Amazon. However, it is slightly lower in price as compared to the Hape crocodile.

It is an adorable substitute for a pet, and kids will have a lot of fun pulling this toy alligator around the house. The alligator makes a click-clack sound, and moves its head and tail which is a bonus for kids. It also opens and shuts its mouth that is quite entertaining.

It’s a battery-free toy, and has rubber-trimmed wheels so your floors stay free of scratches. This brightly colored toy will keep little ones busy as you get on with your chores.


  1. Battery-free
  2. Mouth opens and shuts
  3. Tail moves
  4. Rubber-trimmed wheels


  1. The rope has no stopper so it might easily slip out of little hands

7. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Chomp and Clack Alligator Toy

Melissa & Doug always comes up with interesting push toys for kids. This chomp and clack alligator toy will keep kids engaged and on the move.

It features three alligators that chomp as the toy is moved; they also make a clacking sound when their jaws open and shut. It has multicolored fish printed on the wheels which double as a vocabulary builder for kids. The wooden handle at the base also has colorful prints on it, and there are three different round blocks between the handles with animal prints.

Kids learn about colors and animals as they exercise their little legs. It just requires a bit of assembly and after that it’s good to go.


  1. Chomping alligators
  2. Colorful animals on wheels and between handles


  1. Requires assembly

Final Thoughts

These crocodile and alligator toys will keep your little ones entertained, and also teach them manners. Some toys are great for developing gross and fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, some for building basic vocabulary such as numbers, colors, animal names, and some for teaching social skills such as waiting for your turn. Whatever the purpose, these toys will definitely not disappoint you or your children.

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