DIY Rainbow Fan


As the temps start to heat up, it’s time to start dusting off the fans and placing them around your home. In a child’s space they can also double as a gentle white noise source to keep their room peaceful. Before you put your fan out, consider transforming it into something whimsical and fun! This Rainbow Fan is easy enough to create and will inspire lots of smiles, in spite of the heat. Sulia via Modern Parents Messy Kids


  1. It’s very cute!
    I’ll try it in this summer.

  2. Hi Annie. I am not sure! I would definitely follow through to the link and reach out to the creator! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. It didn’t work with me too 🙁 But I guess it’s no one’s fault. My now-colourful fan has similar colours with the one in the picture, so I think the most reasonable explanation is that my fan spins too fast so the colour blend into a brownish shade instead of rainbow :S I bought a new fan for this and didn’t realize how fast it could spin.

  4. I didn’t work for me either. Now we just have a fan with colorful blades when it’s turned off. A little disappointed…


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