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Are you tired of looking in toy shops, or online shops, not wondering which toys or games offer the best value for money?

A toy or game can offer so many benefits to a growing mind, so it’s important to know what benefits each offer.

The goal of this website is to share our expertise on the best Toys, Gifts, Bedroom Decor and Fun Resources for Babies, Toddlers, Kids and Teens.

Meet The Team

Nalda Parker MA., LPCA

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Nalda is a mother of four, so is well-versed in what constitutes the best toys and games for your little ones. As a life learner, she has acquired two master’s degrees and many hours of doctoral work.

She enjoys writing, painting, teaching, and research. Nalda has worked as a college professor, substance abuse counselor, psychosocial rehabilitation therapist, and community support specialist.

Zane Wetzel

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Voted by his high school class as “kid at heart”, Zane Wetzel has always tried to remain connected to his inner child. A life-long lover of toys and games, Zane has an encyclopedic knowledge on classic toys and video games, and is always looking for chances to expand on that.

Since graduating from college, Zane has worked as a contributor for the popular pop-culture news website FANDOM, a freelance writer, and aspiring historian. When he’s not working, he likes playing video games, watching old cartoons, and keeping up with pop culture.

Zunaira Ghazal

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Zunaira is a professional architect and interior designer with a passion for writing. With a great eye for design and an interest in toys & games, she understands what features a toy must have to benefit people of all ages.

Having played video games from an early age and designed amazing kid’s bedrooms, she’s well versed in finding great value for money gifts, games, decor and fun, educational toys.

Valerie Holyoak

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Valerie is a mother of two so is always up to date on the latest in toys and games. She lives in Spain where her other hobbies are walking and gardening.

The family have a dog who enjoys exploring the countryside with them. She has worked as a skydiving instructor, personal trainer, live-in carer and is now a writer.

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