Magnificently Modern Kid's Toys

Magnificently Modern Kid's Toys

In a market filled with disposable, licensed toys that are just a few months away from becoming junk, modern toys stand out more than ever. They come in the form of interesting, simple, sometimes classic, sometimes innovative and always inspiring objects. Toys that speak to your discerning sense of style, all while providing hours of educational, exciting and imaginative play for your children, are win-win for the entire family. These Magnificently Modern Toys are examples of the wondrous, thoughtfully-designed fun available if you look a bit closer.


Eames Elephant

Thanks to Charles and Ray Eames obsession with elephants, children can enjoy this plywood version that serves as a stool or seat.


OFFI YooDo Construction Toy

Simple in design, bold in style, the building possibilities are endless.


OkieDog Cheeky Chick Foldaway Ride-on

Stylish, safe, simple and immensely fun for babies over 12 months old.


Arne Jacobsen 1928 Dollhouse

This beautiful structure is essential for a truly modern, pretend play experience.


Automoblox M9 Sport Van

A classic car toy reinvented for the iPod age.


Magis Glo-in-the-Dark Puppy

Designed by Eero Aarnio, you can call this puppy a sculpture, a chair, a toy…just don’t forget to call it cool.


Naef Musical Rainbow Puzzle

These nine brilliant wooden arches that symbolize the rainbow, provide an endless amount of design and sound combinations.


Nido Hideaway

Nido makes a perfectly contemporary hangout fit for the tiniest tots.


Villa Sibi Modernist Dollhouse

This dream-worthy, ultra-chic and contemporary dollhouse allows for the ultimate in imaginative, pretend play.


Dado Cubes

Inspiring adults and kids alike, these cubes are infinitely stackable.


Playsam Streamliner Cab

Throw the top down and go in sleek, vroom-vroom style.



This modern glass tower can be built up or out to create a house, a parking garage, an apartment building…whatever their imaginations desire.

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