13 Brilliant Bookcases For Kids

13 Brilliant Bookcases For Kids

Cribs, changing tables, rocking chairs and the like have a short life in a nursery. Books will always need a home in a child’s space, so seeking out one very cool and unique shelf for them will certainly have a greater reward. Not only can you get up to a decade of use out of most of these styles, but they will be encouraging story (and clean up) time throughout their days. And while some of them might be insanely out of reach, that doesn’t make them any less worthy of their 13 Brilliant Bookcases for Kids status.

1. Tambino AlplhaBookShelf Rail – $150

2. Bi-Plane Bookshelf – $98

3. Wii Bookcase – $400

4. Whale Bookshelf – TBD

5. Nurseryworks Tree Bookshelf – $850

6. Norman Copenhagen Collect Bookshelf – $3,500

7. Puzzle Bookshelf – $97

8. DIY Skateboard Shelf – TBD

9. Happy Tree Bookshelf w/ Animal Bookends – $2,100

10. AAKKOSET Shelf – $33,000

11. Playhouse Hideaway Bookshelf – $394

12. P’kolino Giraffe Bookshelf – $160

13. Playtower Ding Bookshelf – $250


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