FTW! Gifts For Gamer Kids

FTW! Gifts For Gamer Kids

I know you’re being inundated with gift guides right now, but how many of them focus on YOUR love for video games – old and new?  Besides, FTW! Gifts For Gamer Kids is more like a year-round guide to making sure you don’t raise a noob. Whether you’re looking to dress up baby, challenge the minds of school-aged kids, or watch a toddler run wild with the help of some Space Invader chocolate, there is something here to help them understand that video games were cool long before 3D graphics and live action role playing.

1. Pacman Reversible Baby Shoes – $18

2. Nintendo Controller Teething Toy – $12

3. Chocolate Invader- $25

4. Tetris Cube – $15

5. One Life Left Bib - $16

6. Super Mario Bros. Inspired Bodysuits – $12

7. Born to Pwn Baby Creeper $15

8. Space Invaders Bib $18

9. Retro Game Controller Puzzle – $23




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